Welcome to my site. I’ve been involved with photography for many years. I landed my first “gig” in high school as a photo-journalist. My friends and I would spend long hours in the dark room developing pictures from our latest Baja surf adventures. Back in those days photography was a completely different medium than it is today. You really didn’t know if you had “the shot” until the chemicals started uncovering the magic. I’ll treasure those times forever. Over the years I’ve continued to stay involved with photography. These days I’m using Canon professional equipment with an assortment of lenses. For my water photography I use Aquatech imaging solutions gear. Many different creative methods interest me. There just isn’t enough time to master all of them. I hope you enjoy the site and check back often as I intend to update the content frequently.


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  1. James I think you were surfing Northside? i haven’t processed photos yet. generally if i get a good shot ill post here or my insta (larsoncraig) see ya in the water soon!


  2. Craig, love your work! I was strolling through the Beacon Bay car wash and ran into some of your pictures. Ill be contacting you as I have some gift ideas that your pictures would be perfect for.

    1. Becky thanks for looking! i can produce anything you see in any medium. let me know what your interested in and I can get you some price points. Thanks again. You can also contact me at 714-904-2001

  3. Hi Craig! I’ve been seceretly following your work on Instagram over the past few years. Big fan of the incredible pictures you take. I wanted to inquire about whether or not you make any prints for home pieces? I have a blank wall in a kitchen with plenty of space for a nice wide print. Would love to hear what thoughts, pricing, etc.

    Side Note – I used to work as an AO for GFD a few years back. We ran a few calls together when I would cover at 26’s and you were at 23’s 🙂


    1. Hey Sean, Good to here from you. Best thing to do is get an idea of what size print the wall your putting it on will support. Big wall bigger print small wall… you get the point. I can do Canvas, Aluminum, acrylic, Fine art Giclee. Ive even been printing on wood recently. Let me know what your thoughts are then I can run some prices by you. Thanks Email me at:

    1. Thanks Gabe. I do do prints on aluminum. Check out the design ideas section. The large wave I’m standing next to in one of the pictures is a large aluminum piece. 36×96. Shoot me an email and we can get something going.

  4. Hi I bought a canvas of your picture called “Red Wall” at a store in my area for my 11 year old son. He fell in love with it and begged me to get it for him. We got it home and its is to big for his wall:( Is there any way for me to buy a print of it to frame for him?

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